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Soil Absorption Systems

Andrew’s Paving & Excavating, Inc. provides quality septic system installation. We have worked with many different types of septic tanks and engineered soil absorption systems. 

New Septic System Install or Replacement

Conventional systems include gravity distribution systems and pressure distribution systems, and these are the traditional systems which include a drainage field, septic tanks, gravel, soil, and a pipe which carries the wastewater from your home.

Which type do I need?

With all of the many types of septic systems, which one should you use? The answer will depend on the available space that you have, the percolation test and type of soil, the amount of waste and water that you use, the size of your family, and your budget.

Before you'll receive approval from your municipality or building inspector to install a conventional or alternative septic system there are some steps you will need to take.  A percolation “Perc Test” will need to be performed before a system can be installed, to determine the absorption rate in your soil. Test holes are dug and then filled with water, and the absorption is determined at a rate per minute.

All types of septic systems may work well in some locations, but in other locations the possibilities may be limited. Compare the advantages and drawbacks for each one of the different types of septic systems you are thinking about installing.

If you are seeking to install a brand-new system or replace and existing, call Andrew’s Paving & Excavating, Inc. for a free estimate.  We provide septic tank installation services in Grass Valley and surrounding communities.  You owe it to yourself to contact the best in the business.

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