Why road grading?

Grading is an important part of the maintenance process for gravel driveways. Over time, loose gravel can cause portions of the driveway to settle, resulting in unwanted pot holes and ruts.

What is road grading?

Road graders use a blade to smooth and level rock/dirt to restore the driving surface and drainage attributes of a road. The operator will remove washboards, potholes and other irregularities by cutting the surface of the road or filling them with material moved back and forth across the road with the road grader. The grader smooths the surface with slight elevation change so that water runs off of the road rather than pooling onto it.   

Effectiveness of road grading is dependent on a number of things, including:

  • Amount of moisture present in the road base,
  • Current weather conditions, and
  • Speed of the traffic using the road.

At Andrew's Paving & Excavating, Inc., we use advanced road grading techniques and the right equipment for a superior finish and lasting performance.  Contact us for an estimate at (530) 268-1975 and get your road back to smooth driving again.

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